Parkinson's UK

Imagine not being able to move, sleep, or smile. Feeling anxious or depressed and struggling to think or remember. Your body not feeling like your own. This is what Parkinson's can feel like.

Your mum, son or friend. Anyone can get Parkinson’s, young or old. Every hour, two more people are diagnosed.

Parkinson’s is what happens when the brain cells that make dopamine start to die. There are over 40 symptoms, from tremor and pain to anxiety. Some are treatable, but the drugs can have serious side effects. It gets worse over time and there’s no cure. Yet.

But we know we’re close to major breakthroughs. Funding the right research into the most promising treatments, we get closer to a cure every day.

Until then, we're here for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. Fighting for fair treatment and better services. Making everyone see its real impact.

We’re people with Parkinson’s, scientists and supporters, fundraisers and families, carers and clinicians, all working side by side. Impatient for change, we’re taking a stand, speaking out, chipping in, and playing our part.

are Parkinson's UK. Powered by people. Funded by you. Together we'll find a cure.

Providence Row

The charity for our 2020 virtual event will be Providence Row.

Most of us who spend time in London and our other major cities, have walked past homeless people asking for money on the street. Whilst there may be the odd carpet bagger, those lying in doorways at midnight on a freezing wet or snowy winter’s night aren’t there to nick a few quid and go home to a nice warm fire. They are homeless because of addiction, or maybe divorce or perhaps, redundancy. Many suffer from mental illness. The Covid 19 crisis has made it much worse for the homeless. Hotels that were providing rooms to help are now open to the public again. Cover has created more redundancies and more problems. Providence Row is situated between the City and Docklands, where many of us are based or spend time. Please support this wonderful work as much as you feel able.

MAG (Mines Advisory Group)

The charity we supported in 2017 was Mines Advisory Group.

We raised over £65,000, an incredible amount and the most MAG have ever raised at a single event.

Every day, ten people are killed or suffer horrific injuries because of landmines and other explosive weapons.

Millions of people have no choice but to live with the daily risk of death or injury from landmines and unexploded bombs. This is unacceptable.

MAG has made land safe for 16.5 million people, giving them greater safety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives, livelihoods and futures. They depend on support from people like you to continue this essential work.

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